Outdoor Notice Boards

Designed to withstand the elements, our external notice boards give you the flexibility to display changeable graphics in a secure aluminium or timber structure.

Available as wall-mounted, floor-standing, or fixed displays; an external notice boards project starts with us providing a quote. You can contact us via email, the enquiry form or give us a call – we are always happy to chat through your requirements.

Church sign with lockable notice board outside a parish church

Notice Boards in Aluminium or Timber

Outdoor Notice boards can be either wall-mounted or post mounted, whether they are made of aluminium or timber (see below). We strongly recommend these are mounted vertically, rather than at a lectern frame angle, as the latter can lead to problems with condensation.

Lockable external notice boards

Our glazed notice boards are fitted with shatterproof polycarbonate and are weatherproof. The lockable frame prevents unauthorised access to the noticeboard and the waterproof seal helps to protect notices from moisture.

They are supplied with either a pinboard with pinnable felt, cork, or metal backers. Metal backers accept magnets to hold your displays and rather than being a plain colour can be printed for an attractive display.

Lockable notice boards for internal use

Our range is just as suitable for indoor display requirements such as in schools & offices.

Open pinboards

Available with an external grade cork board these can be supplied with either timber (Accoya) or durable aluminium frames. Open pinboards allow anyone to access the display area (there is no lockable door). Please note: they are not weatherproof but are suitable for outdoor use. They are ideal when the graphics are frequently updated, and are often used in parks, town halls and schools.


An ideal way to promote your events and activities. They are easy to move around and ideal if the graphics are frequently updated. The display can be one of three: a semi-permanent print, a whiteboard, or, for complete flexibility, a blackboard. They can come with lockable frames for outdoor display or used internally.

Artwork for Outdoor Notice Boards

Some clients know exactly what they want and provide a detailed brief. Other clients are looking for guidance and to explore options. We are happy to work with you to define your project and offer advice based on many years of experience supplying outdoor notice boards.

External notice board graphics

Printed inserts can be produced by us from your own electronic artwork, or the designs can be created by Shelley. Please phone Rob Shelley on 01743 460996 to discuss your requirements.

Village Notice Boards

External notice boards in a village location are a neat and efficient method of displaying information for residents and community groups.   Shelley Signs supply both aluminium & timber boards which can be lockable, supplied with a handle or as an open pinboard.

Village Notice Boards can be wall-mounted, supplied with fixings for fitting to fences or railing or supplied complete with either timber or aluminium posts.

Our range can be produced in either powder-coated aluminium or Accoya, enhancing a village community with an attractive and professional appearance.

Parish Notice Boards

Most Parishes, whether civic Parish Councils or Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) wish to communicate quickly and easily with their local residents and congregations.  Notice boards provide a great way to do this and can display the organisations own material – whether large posters or A4 sheets.

We design and produce Parish notice boards in-house.  When discussing requirements with a prospective client the main issues to cover will be

  • Material.  A choice of either powder-coated aluminium or timber,
  • Size.  We normally discuss how many sheets of A4 the client wishes to display. 
  • Fixing Options.  Notice boards can be wall-mounted, post mounted or fitted to either fences or railings. 

Parish Council Notice Boards

Parish Councils use notice boards as a simple method of communicating information to residents within the Parish – events, general announcements and agenda and minutes of parish council meetings frequently being displayed.

Shelley Signs produce & design external noticeboards in both aluminium and Accoya timber, with both materials being ideal for Parish Council applications.  Frequently, the more urban Parish Councils will select powder-coated aluminium while those in a more rural location will select timber.

Outdoor Notice Boards for Schools

Our notice boards for schools are produced in either powder-coated aluminium or in timber, with our recommended option being Accoya. 

Usually, they are hinged, lockable, glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate and with either a magnetic or pinboard backer.  With in-house production at Shelley Signs, the specification of most school notice boards can be personalised to suit your requirements.

External notice boards for schools can be supplied with posts for either wall mounting or bolting to fences or railings.

Usually, they’re fitted within the school grounds, and often for Primary Schools can also be produced in timber. 

Public Notice Boards

Often located in open areas and there can be concerns about vandalism. Both our aluminium and timber external notice boards are produced in Accoya and provide a tough and robust option.  To help mitigate these concerns our public notice boards are glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate and are normally hinged & lockable to make unauthorised access harder.

Public notice boards in built-up and urban areas are commonly supplied in aluminium with a range of powder coating frame colours available.

Parks and countryside areas often tend to select timber. 

Timber notice boards are produced in Accoya as this provides a stable option without inherent problems of splitting & cracking, that is associated with Oak.

Notice Board Framing Options

Notice boards can be either wall-mounted or post mounted, whether they are made of aluminium or timber (see below). We strongly recommend mounting vertically, rather than at a lectern frame angle, as the latter can lead to problems with condensation.

Post mounted external notice boards

Ideal if you need to stand your noticeboard away from a building, such is the case with heritage sites, entrances and car parks. Post mounted notice boards are free-standing, secure & weatherproof. Available in wood or aluminium, and with sunken or surface posts to suit ground requirements.

Wall mounted noticeboards

Wall-mounted external noticeboards are available with single and double door. All boards have shatterproof glazing and security locks. Available in a wide range of sizes, frame colours and external wall fittings suitable for your requirements. Bespoke sizes are available on request.

Church Notice Boards

If you’re looking for a new church notice board, Shelley Signs are sensitive to the particular requirements of places of worship. Robert Shelley, as Treasurer of a small rural church in Shropshire, understands the financial pressure associated with these decisions.

Community Notice Boards

Our community notice boards are designed with the needs of local communities, parish councils, schools, and non-profit organisations in mind. They are perfect for displaying posters, important announcements, and event details, playing a vital role in keeping residents informed and engaged.

Lectern Mounted External Notice Boards

Our lectern-mounted external notice boards present information at an optimal viewing angle making them ideal for parks and outdoor locations.

Post Mounted External Notice Boards

Our range of post-mounted external notice boards is designed to offer a robust and weatherproof solution for displaying information outdoors.

Wall Mounted External Notice Boards

Our range of wall-mounted external notice boards is the perfect solution for effectively displaying information outdoors.

Wooden Notice Boards 

Wood and timber notice boards in Oak & Accoya, external grade, for use in public open spaces. Lockable, Post or wall mounted.

Information Boards

Discover our versatile information boards, designed to seamlessly blend into natural environments such as nature reserves and country parks. Our boards, available in both aluminium and robust wooden signs, offer a dynamic way to display information and engage visitors.

Aluminium External Notice Boards

Produced as either silver anodised aluminium or powder coated to an agreed colour, notice boards are glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are external noticeboards lockable?

We can provide a tamperproof lock or if you prefer easier access, your noticeboard can be opened using an Allen key.

Are your outdoor noticeboards vandal-proof?

Our outdoor range comes with a tamperproof lockable frame, keeping your notices protected from vandals getting access. Polycarbonate glazing is tough, durable and extremely difficult to break. In addition, aluminium frame noticeboards are also powder-coated to a massive range of RAL frame colours, making them less susceptible to graffiti.

Can external notice boards be used indoors?

All our noticeboards can be used both externally and internally. We make everything to order, so if you require an indoor notice board just let us know. Many of our customers require a bespoke design, so we’re happy to be flexible to your requirements.

Can you produce a free-standing notice board?

Yes, our post-mounted external notice boards come with ground fixings that can be sunken or surface posts. Our metal noticeboards can be fitted with steel or aluminium posts, and our wood boards are fitted with wooden posts.

Do outdoor noticeboards have glass doors?

All our external mounted noticeboards are glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate panels. They provide excellent weather resistance and are vandal-proof. Making them ideal for public spaces.

Do you make poster cases?

We produce bespoke noticeboards for a range of sizes including poster cases, if you have a custom size requirement we’d be more than happy to discuss this with you.

How do I attach my notices?

Our range are available in a choice of internal finishes including felt notice boards, cork and metal backers.

Is your external noticeboard range weatherproof?

All our outdoor noticeboards are designed to deal with whatever the British weather throws at it. They’re fully weatherproofed and in most circumstances are IP55/IP56 rated. Our aluminium notice boards are also fitted with anti-condensation vents to prevent moisture forming, protecting your posters, messages and information inside.

What is the best material for outdoor notice boards?

When choosing the material to use for your display, it really comes down to personal preference and the type of property.

Our wooden noticeboards are used by a wide variety of clients who appreciate their attractive appearance and general robustness. We sell frequently to Parish Councils, Churches and other places of religious worship. Many are displayed in parks and public open spaces with Local Authorities, Groundwork Trusts and Friends Groups.

We use Oak & Accoya stock for our external noticeboards. Accoya is a robust and very stable timber that does not warp and twist, making it a better option than just wood.

Local authorities and offices often prefer to use aluminium for outdoor notice boards. One of the benefits of choosing aluminium is that it can be painted in range of colours to suit branding requirements.

All our metal and wooden external noticeboards are weatherproof and provide years of operation without maintenance.

What are the different types of notice boards?

There are several types of notice boards the most common are wall-mounted, post mounted or fitted to either fences or railings.  Portable or free-standing noticeboards are also available and can be placed in a variety of locations. Some notice boards have internal illumination to make the display more visible at night or in low light conditions. Others have an external case which is weather-resistant to protect the notices from the elements.

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