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If you’re looking for a new church notice board, Shelley Signs are sensitive to the particular requirements of places of worship. Robert Shelley, as Treasurer of a small rural church in Shropshire, understands the financial pressure associated with these decisions.

Cemetery Notice Board with Interpretation Sign - Freestanding

Church notice boards play a crucial role in communicating with the congregation and the local community. They serve as a central point for displaying temporary notices, upcoming events, service times, and other important information. Understanding the significance and specific needs associated with church notice boards, we at Shelley Signs offer a range of options that cater to various requirements and aesthetics.

Free-Standing vs. Wall-Mounted Church Notice Boards

When selecting a church notice board, one of the key considerations is whether to choose a free-standing or wall-mounted design. Each type has its own set of advantages and is suited for different church environments and requirements. Understanding these differences can help in making an informed decision that best serves the church’s communication needs.

Free-Standing Church Notice Boards

A free-standing church notice board can be placed anywhere on the church grounds, offering flexibility in location. They are ideal for churches with spacious outdoor areas or gardens. These boards can be strategically positioned for maximum visibility to passers-by and churchgoers, such as near walkways or at the entrance.

Outdoor Information boards are available in wood or aluminium
Lockable Outdoor Information Board Supplier - Shelley Signs

Wall-Mounted Church Notice Boards

In a small local church wall, church notice boards are ideal for places with limited outdoor space. They can be affixed to the exterior walls of the church, utilising existing structures. Being attached to a building can offer more protection from harsh weather conditions, potentially prolonging the lifespan of the notice board.

Church Notice Board Materials

Ideal for displaying your temporary notices, upcoming events, service times, opening hours, and publicity material. External notice boards for churches are normally hinged and lockable – they can be produced in a range of materials such as oak, treated softwood or aluminium. Sometimes, church noticeboards are incorporated as part of the main entrance sign.

Wood Noticeboards

Our wood notice boards are produced in Oak & Accoya and are glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate. They’re a popular choice for church noticeboards where additional parish and community information can be displayed in a traditional format.

An lockable oak church notice board with routed header panel and posts for a Church to display changeable information
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Church signs at the entrance often feature a notice board, header panel & posts
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Aluminium Noticeboards

Our notice boards are used by a wide variety of clients who appreciate their attractive appearance and general robustness. Noticeboards can be supplied with steel or aluminium posts for ground fixing, wall mounting, or fitting to railings.

Artwork for your Church Notice Board

SWhen commissioning church signs and notice boards, few churches and other places of worship are able to supply their own artwork. Shelley offer an in-house design team and can undertake graphics and design from your outline sketches. We would provide an initial concept and then amend it as many times as necessary until you are happy. In addition to signs, we can help design leaflets and other publicity material. Please phone Rob Shelley on 01743 460996 to discuss your requirements.

Notice Board Combinations

For churches seeking a comprehensive solution, we offer integrated units that combine a permanent church sign with a notice board. This design addresses the need for long-term graphics, such as a personalised header panel, alongside space for short-term displays.

Many churches are involved in fundraising and consider the Heritage Lottery Fund for help. HLF assistance often comes with a demand for interpretation – with our expertise in this field, Shelley can help design and produce subtle and cost-effective interpretation and provide advice about website design.

Places of worship need long-term signs to promote their presence in the community and their day-to-day activities. They frequently need to display changeable graphics, which can be achieved through lockable notice boards or pavement signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a church noticeboard the best way of displaying temporary notices?

Yes, if you need to display a quick message such as an event cancellation or other last-minute update. Church noticeboards are more permanent fixtures and can be difficult to remove once they’re installed on the building. Many church notice boards are mounted so that they can be removed when necessary.

Is it important that the church notice board is lockable?

Some churches choose to display their notices temporarily, such as for upcoming events. In these cases, locking the noticeboard may not be necessary since people will only need access during certain times and can remove items from the bottom or top when finished. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution or want to keep people from tampering with your notices, a lockable board would be ideal.

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