Water Depth Gauge Boards

Shelley produce a range of standard designs, although special and adapted gauges can be designed on request. The gauge board PDF, available for download, gives illustrations of the standard design. We work in Glass Reinforced Plastic which is exceptionally tough, robust and easy to clean.

Most Gauge Board projects start with us providing a quote. You can contact us via email, the enquiry form or give us a call – we are always happy to chat through your requirements.
Some clients know exactly what they want and provide a detailed brief. Other clients are looking for guidance and to explore options – we are happy to work with you to define your project.

D50 style gauge board in river

Inland Design Gauge Boards

This page introduces a range of standard water depth Gauge Boards for water measurement

  • D50 design – An inland design gauge board, 145 mm wide and produced in 1 metre sections. Available with red datum metre numerals, if more than 1 metre is measured.
  • D64 design – An inland design board, 100 mm wide and produced in 1 metre sections. Available with red datum numerals, if more than 1 metre is measured.
  • D50 and D64 – Both are commonly used in rivers and reservoirs and comply with British Standard 3680 : Part 7 : 1971, Part 7, Methods of Measurement of Liquid Flow in Open Channels.

Tidal Design Gauge Boards

  • D53 design – A tidal board designed for docks, harbours and marinas. It is 300 mm wide and produced in 1 metre sections.

Imperial Design Gauge Boards

  • Imperial Boards – Fairly infrequently commissioned, but still asked for. The imperial board is 6 inches wide and produced in sections 3 feet long.

Special Design Gauge Boards.

Gauge boards can be produced as special designs to suit. Examples include:

  • Colours – Gauge boards can be colour-coded, to improve interpretation. Or a background colour or edging can be used to highlight certain features.
  • Infra-red colours – Experience suggests that white print on a black background is easier to read by people using infra-red cameras.
  • Size – Wider or narrower gauge boards to suit location or reading distances
  • Incline – Gauge boards often need to be produced as ‘incline boards’, because they are placed on a sloping surface. This means the digits need to be stretched, to reflect the angle of incline.


Standard gauge boards are produced as encapsulated Glass Reinforced Plastic prints. They are 4 mm thick, drilled, and are normally supplied with stainless steel screws. GRP is tried and tested. It gives a tough and robust product, and is suitable for long-term immersion in water.


PVC backing boards are available in either 1.5 or 3.0 metre sections [as a stock item]. These are intended to be a support, not a post system. Timber or galvanised steel posts, together with suitable fixings, can be quoted on request.

To discuss your requirements further please phone Rob Shelley on Tel. 01743 460996


Gauge Boards and water depth boards are used for measuring the depth of water in rivers, reservoirs, docks and harbours. Different design are available for inland water and tidal environments. Gauge boards can also be supplied to measure air draught, incline angles and fords.

Shelley Signs are specialist suppliers of gauge boards for measuring the depth of water, river, reservoirs, docks, harbours and marinas. A range of standard products are available with special design gauge boards produced to order. 

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