Example Designs


Artwork produced for Broxbourne Borough Council including historical watercolour illustration

Castle Walk

Artwork produced for Shropshire County Council for a Bridgnorth Trail panel – research, copywriting and watercolour illustrations by Shelley

Wildlife at Stonebridge Park

A good example of natural history interpretation using photographs. Text content has been kept to a minimum.

Landscape & Habitat

A good example of a natural history interpretation panel using watercolour illustrations. The small amount of text is easy to read.

Old River Dove

A stunning photographic based interpretation panel – an excellent way of catching the attention of your visitors.

Wildflower Meadows

One of a series of natural history and habitat interpretation panels produced for Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. Some introductory text and a large watercolour, collage style, illustration produced by the Shelley design team

Culm Head Airfield

With a striking Spitfire photograph this historical interpretation panel captures an essence of WW2 life. Artwork created by the Shelley design team from rough details supplied by the client.

Plants Identification

A simple but attractive Plant Identification panel at Headley Down Nature Reserve. Artwork and species illustrations supplied by the Shelley design team.