Wood and Timber Notice Boards

Produced in oak and Accoya, wooden, notice boards are glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate. They are normally hinged, lockable and supplied with a pinboard backer.

External grade Oak & Accoya notice board
Timber or wood notice board in Oak & Accoya

Wood and timber notice boards are produced in Oak & Accoya and are glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate. They are normally hinged, lockable and supplied with a pinboard backer. Accoya is a robust and very stable timber, sourced from FSC suppliers. It does not warp and twist which makes it a better option than just oak

Accoya notice boards are normally oiled. Please remember that all timber will weather down and develop a silvery sheen over time – this is a natural process and enhances the appearance of the board.

Wood and timber notice boards can also be supplied with hinged doors but without locks to allow general access or as open units without doors. As well as pin board backers notice boards can be supplied with a metal backer which allows magnets to hold your displays. These metal backers can also be printed with a picture or graphic to make an attractive display when no notices are in the case. Cork backers are a further option.

Although oak & accoya notice boards can be produced to any size we normally work on the number of A4 pages that can be displayed. The most populat size is A1 which allows 8 sheets of A4 but other popular sizes display 4, 6 or 18 sheets of A4. The latter being supplied with twin doors.

Timber notice boards can be supplied with wooden posts, for wall mounting or for fitting to railings.

Notice boards for use in public open spaces are often supplied as integral units with both a notice board and a permanent printed sign. This is a popular solution addressing the needs of long term graphics with short term displays..

Wood & timber notice boards in oak & Accoya can be set off with a routed timber header panel giving the area, park or parish name. 

Our wooden notice boards are used by a wide variety of clients who appreciate their attractive appearance and general robustness. We sell frequently to Parish Coucils, Churches and other places of religious worship. Many are displayed in parks and public open spaces with Local Authorities, Groundwork Trusts and Friends Groups commissioning the boards.

You may also wish to consider our range of aluminium notice boards which can be powder coated to agreed colours.

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