Shelley Budget Prices

Budget prices for Interpretation Panels including printed panel costs, guide prices for a range of framing options and estimates for the Shelley graphic design service. A useful guide for those in the early days of an interpretation panel project. Please do call to discuss or for a project specific quote.

Shelley Design Brochure

A detailed introduction to the graphic design services offered by Shelley Signs. There is a focus on interpretation signs and panels but it should be a useful paper for all projects. We look at overall design and layout with tips, the use of illustrations, mapping, text, research and some details about our design team.

Shelley Framing Options

An introduction to our most popular framing structures including lectern frames, vertical and wall mounted structures in metal, timber and recycled plastic. Frames are suitable for use in all open public spaces and for inerpretation panels and park signs.

Shelley Print & Material Options

An introduction to the print and material finishing services offered by Shelley Signs. This page provides guidance to print quality as well as examples of durability and ease of cleaning. All Shelley Signs are suitable for use in public open spaces and are designed for interpretation panels and park signs.

About Interpretation

About Interpretation provides an overview to commissioning Interpretation Panels. It provides an introduction to the main condsiderations including Artwork, Design Style (with links to good examples), reflections on appropriate Panel size, Material options and Fixing Structures for interpretation. There is a reminder about appropriate location and installing. The paper provides links to more detailed information on each of these subjects.


Read what some of our recent clients’ have said about our work – an excellent introduction to our services and the standards we aspire to. These testimonials include a brief introduction to each project, a photograph or artwork example and feeback from the client.

Finger Posts

An introduction to directional finger posts with material options including oak, softwood, powder coated aluminium and recycled plastic. All finger posts are designed for use in public open spaces and are used to enhance the visitor experience often with interpretation panels and signs.

Shelley Notice Boards

Lockable notice are designed for external use and are available in timber and aluminium. This page provides prices for our most popular sizes with options for header panels, wall mounted or post mounted units. Notice boards often support our permanent printed Interpretation panels and provide the opportunity to display changeable graphics.

Timber Signs

Our timber signs are produced in Cedar and Oak using either routed or sandblasted graphics. Timber provides a great opportunity to produce very distinctive signs, often with a surprising amount of detail. They are frequently used in parks and public open spaces as part of a wayfinding and interpretation strategy.

Interpretation Benches

If you are looking for functional but distinctive interpretation our range of benches may well provide a solution. The bench backrests can be sandblasted with simple text or highly detailed illustrations and map details. Benches can provide a very unique way to present natural history interpretation.

Gauge Boards

This brochure introduces water depth gauge boards that are used in rivers, reservoirs, water courses, docks, harbours & marinas. Standard designs including the D50 and D64 are designed for inland waterways, the D53 is a gauge board designed for tidal environments. Standard gauge designs that comply with Transport Regulations are included.

Church Signs

An introduction to our range of signs and displays for Churches and Places of Worship. Options include Entrance Signs, lockable notice boards, interpretation panels for both external and internal applications and a range of banners and timber sign