Artwork & Design

High quality artwork and design is an important element in any outdoor sign, but particularly interpretation panels. We can either work from your own final artwork or you can use our in-house design team to create striking and eye-catching designs for you. A well thought out interpretation panel should be relevant to the location, reveal something interesting and provoke a reaction in the audience. Can you help visitors think or see something differently?

From this section of our website you will find useful information about artwork & design for interpretation panels

Shelley In-house Design. This includes all the design options we offer and includes useful guidance & considerations. We have a full design team and can get involved at whatever stage of the project suits you. Often clients will supply their own text and site specific illustrations or images while the Shelley design team will create the overall design & layout, supply wildlife illustrations and create the artwork for a map.

Artwork Guidance. What you need to consider if supplying artwork to us. This section details the technical issues. If you supply your own artwork we will normally supply a paper proof to allow you to do a final check of teh design, layout and colours. It is surprising how often small grammatical errors are not spotted on the screen or an A4 size proof – but stand out at half or full size.

Artwork Upload. Links and instructions when uploading your own artwork to us.

Artwork Examples. This section illustrates some designs that we like and might provide you with you ideas and inspiration. Some of the designs are from our in-house artwork and some from artwork supplied.