School Signs

Shelley Signs offer a wide range of signage for schools and colleges ranging from tough, robust and easy to clean entrance signs through to a wide range of safety signs, traffic control signs and information plaques for around school buildings.

School Signs at Shelley

Shelley Signs offer a wide range of signage for schools and colleges ranging from tough, robust and easy-to-clean entrance signs to a wide range of safety signs, traffic control signs, wayfinding signage and information plaques for around school buildings.

At Shelley Signs, we specialise in producing school signs and panels for educational establishments including nurseries, prep schools, junior schools, secondary education, colleges and even universities.

As a family-owned company with many years of experience producing signs for schools and school notice boards, we can help you every step of the way.

Our audit service is backed by many years of experience and guided by five main criteria – footfall, directional flow, security, message/purpose of the sign and the likelihood of vandalism/abuse.

We work with a wide variety of clients requiring school signage ranging from Local Authorities, LEAs, church schools, children’s centres and academies as well as friends groups, trusts, designers and contractors. Our team will provide you with a clear idea of what your proposed new school signs or school notice board will look like so that you can present them to your wider stakeholders.

To start the process please complete the enquiry form or call 01743 460996 for more details.

Graphic Design for School Signage

Shelley can work from your final, electronic artwork or we can work with you to design your school signs. Our graphic design input will depend on your in-house skills.

We provide the following artwork services for the educational sector: developing the design from all its component parts, supplying illustrations, creating artwork for maps, and editing or researching your content.

To discuss your requirements further, phone Rob Shelley on 01743 460996

School Signs at Shelley

Large School Welcome Signs

As an experienced large-format printer and sign maker, we are able to produce high-quality, durable signage for your school. We have a wide variety of substrates that we can print on to, and we can laminate your signs to protect them from the weather.

We also offer a range of frame options for large school welcome signs, including traditional wooden posts, metal posts and wall-mounted options.

Interior School Signs

As a leading manufacturer of signage, we’ve supplied school signs for many years and understand that the needs of the educational sector vary greatly. We offer a bespoke service to cater for your specific requirements from rebranding entire school premises to the production of a single classroom door sign.

We produce a wide variety of interior signs for educational establishments, including:

Directional signs, wayfinding signs, fire exit signs, safety signs, classroom door signs, toilet/washroom signs, canteen and library signs, reception and office signs, nameplates and directory boards.

Outdoor Notice Boards for Schools

Our notice boards for schools are produced in either powder-coated aluminium or in timber, with our recommended option being Accoya. 

This kind of school signage is usually hinged, lockable, glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate and with either a magnetic or pinboard backer.  With in-house production at Shelley Signs, the specification of most school notice boards can be personalised to suit your requirements.

External notice boards for schools can be supplied with posts for either wall mounting or bolting to fences or railings.

Usually, this type of school sign is fitted within the school grounds, and often for primary schools can also be produced in timber.

Internal School Notice Boards

Indoor school notice boards used indoors are a great alternative to traditional school signage, making it easier to communicate with staff and students. They can be used to post upcoming events, remind staff of deadlines, or share important news.

At Shelley Signs, we produce lockable noticeboards for internal use, as well as open pinboards, available with an external grade cork board these can be supplied with either timber (Accoya) or durable aluminium frames. These are ideal when the graphics are frequently updated, such as a school notice board.

A wall mounted aluminium notice board to display temporary information. Positioned outside a Methodist Church.

School Signs by Shelley

As the UK’s leading supplier of directional signage for public spaces, we offer a comprehensive range of signs for schools and the education sector as a whole, from playground signs right through to signage for entire school premises. As a family business, we offer expert advice from design to manufacture and cover the whole UK via our nationwide installation service.

If you’d like to talk to us about signs for schools, then please complete the enquiry form or call Rob Shelley on 01743 460996 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common forms of school signage?

Schools are filled with all sorts of signage, from the obvious ones like stop signs and exit signs to the more subtle ones like bathroom symbols. Probably the most common school signage is warning signs. This includes things like keep-out signs, no-trespassing signs, and no-smoking signs. These signs are necessary in order to keep students safe and protect school property. Another common type of signage in schools is directional signage. This includes things like hallway arrows and classroom numbers. This type of signage is necessary in order to help students find their way around the school. Finally, another common type of signage in schools is informational signage. This includes things like rules and expectations posters, cafeteria menus, and emergency procedures posters.

What framing options are available for school notice boards?

School notice boards can be either wall-mounted or post-mounted, whether they are made of aluminium or timber (see below). We strongly recommend mounting vertically, rather than at a lectern frame angle, as the latter can lead to problems with condensation.

Post-mounted external school notice boards are ideal if you need to stand your noticeboard away from a building, such is the case with primary schools. Post-mounted notice boards are free-standing, secure & weatherproof. Available in wood or aluminium, and with sunken or surface posts to suit ground requirements.

Wall-mounted external noticeboards are available with single and double door. All boards have shatterproof glazing and security locks. Available in a wide range of sizes, frame colours and external wall fittings suitable for your requirements. Bespoke sizes are available on request.

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