Environmental Policy

Shelley Signs specialise in the design and production of interpretive panels and park signs for nature reserves and open spaces. The nature of our product and customers means that environmental issues are of great importance.

We are to continually review and improve our performance – this is achieved by reviewing our suppliers, in-house processes and efficiency of our equipment and printers

Our environmental impacts are reviewed on an on-going basis with factory processes also assessed against the overall life expectancy of our finished products.We aim to exceed requirements of the relevant environmental legislation through careful control of factory and production processes.

Staff have been trained and educated in the importance of environmental issues.

The Policy and detailed issues supporting it are reviewed on an annual basis.

This Policy is communicated to customers and suppliers through our website and on request.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Robert Shelley, Director.

Areas that are under ongoing review include :

  • Transport.  Efficient use for deliveries both to and from site
  • Packaging material and paper are recycled whenever possible
  • Water and energy use are carefully controlled
  • Our printers are all UV based which means no solvents or VOC are used
  • No lead based paints are used
  • All printing is now digital with our screen print dept no longer operating
  • All timber is from either FSC suppliers or sustainable / managed sources
  • Active steps are taken to manage and reduce wastage and pollution
  • Every effort is made to minimise noise pollution to neighbours
  • Glass Reinforced Plastic, our main printed material, offers an exceptional life span with excellent colour fastness. Opportunities exist to recycle the material at the ‘end of life’ 

Our Environmental Policy is consistent with our COSHH, Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessments

Last Reviewed : December 2016

R.A. Shelley