Information Boards

Discover our versatile information boards, designed to seamlessly blend into natural environments such as nature reserves and country parks. Our boards, available in both aluminium and robust wooden signs, offer a dynamic way to display information and engage visitors.

Cemetery Notice Board with Interpretation Sign - Freestanding

Notice Board Displays in Aluminium or Timber

Designed to withstand the elements, our informational notice boards give you the flexibility to display changeable graphics in a secure aluminium or wooden frame, with the option to include interpretation boards or a welcome sign.

Available as wall-mounted, floor-standing, or fixed displays; each of our information boards are unique, and a project starts with us providing a quote. You can contact us via email, the enquiry form or give us a call – we are always happy to chat through your requirements.

Nature Signs and Interpretation Panels

Expertly crafted to endure outdoor elements, our information boards are perfect for displaying changing graphics and messages about wildlife, maps, and events in nature reserves. The option to integrate interpretation panels or boards enhances the learning experience, providing insightful details about the surrounding environment.

Outdoor information boards in wood or aluminium

Our display boards can be either wall-mounted or post-mounted and are made of aluminium or timber (see below). We strongly recommend mounting vertically rather than at a lectern frame angle, as the latter can lead to problems with condensation.

Wooden signs with display boards are ideal for nature reserves and parks. They look natural in their surroundings and are often used alongside interpretation boards (also known as interpretation panels). This kind of information board educates and informs visitors about the environment around them.

Outdoor Information boards are available in wood or aluminium
Lockable Outdoor Information Board Supplier - Shelley Signs

Lockable outdoor information boards

There are many benefits to our glazed notice boards. They are fitted with shatterproof, fire-retardant polycarbonate and are weatherproof. The lockable frame prevents unauthorised access to the noticeboard, and the waterproof seal helps to protect notices from moisture.

We supply noticeboard poster cases with a pinboard or metal backers. Metal backers accept magnets to hold your displays, and rather than being a plain colour can be printed for an attractive presentation.

Internal lockable notice board displays

Our range is just as suitable for indoor as outdoor use. We install indoor display boards in schools, offices or any indoor space where durability and fire retardant properties are required.

Ref 103
Ref 370

Open pin boards

Available with an exterior grade cork board, these can be supplied with either timber (Accoya) or durable aluminium frames. Open pin boards allow anyone to access the display boards (there is no lockable door).

Please note: they are not weatherproof but are suitable for outdoor use. They are ideal when the graphics are frequently updated and are often used in parks, nature reserves, town halls and schools.


An ideal way to promote your events and activities. They are easy to move around and ideal if the graphics are frequently updated. The display can be one of three: a semi-permanent print, a whiteboard, or, for complete flexibility, a blackboard. They can come with lockable frames for outdoor information boards or used internally.


Some clients know exactly what they want and provide a detailed brief. Other clients are looking for guidance and to explore options. We are happy to work with you to define your project and offer advice based on many years of experience supplying notice board displays.

External notice board graphics

Printed inserts can be produced by us from your own electronic artwork, or the designs can be created by Shelley. Please phone Rob Shelley on 01743 460996 to discuss your requirements.

Framing Options for Display Boards

Notice board displays can be either wall-mounted or post-mounted, made of aluminium or timber (see below). We strongly recommend mounting vertically rather than at a lectern frame angle, as the latter can lead to problems with condensation.

Post-mounted external notice boards

Ideal if you need to stand your noticeboard away from a building, such is the case with heritage sites, entrances and car parks. They are commonly paired with interpretation panels. Post-mounted notice boards are free-standing, secure & weatherproof. Available in wood or aluminium and with recessed or surface posts to suit ground requirements. 

A park entrance sign unit with a map of the park, walking routes and historical background. Post mounted and with an aluminium notice board.
Ref 53
A wall mounted aluminium notice board to display temporary information. Positioned outside a Methodist Church.
Ref 371

Wall-mounted information board options

Wall-mounted display boards available with single and double doors. All boards have shatterproof glazing and security locks. Available in a wide range of sizes, frame colours and external wall fittings suitable for your requirements. Bespoke sizes are available on request.

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