Directional Finger Posts

Finger posts are used for directing visitors around open spaces material options include oak, treated softwood, recycled plastic and steel posts with printed finger arms.

Directional Finger Posts are used in public open spaces to direct visitors and highlight features of interest.  A carefully thought out scheme can provide a discreet and non-intrusive means of informing and controlling visitor flow.   Posts can vary with between 1 and multiple finger arms.

Wooden Finger Posts.  Timber is often used in rural parks and nature reserves as it blends in well.  Finger posts can be supplied in either air-dried oak, green oak or pressure treated softwood with the air dried option being the most popular and stable.  Our recommended option is air dried Oak as this produces the most attractive, stable and durable finger post finish but there are cost savings from using green oak or softwood.

Close up of an oak finger post with 4 directional arms. The name of each destination is routed into the arm and painted white
Ref 190

On all timber or wooden finger posts the text and images are indented into the arms and painted.  This results in a very robust but also attractive finish.  The directional arms are morticed into the posts.  The timber can be stained or oiled and the text painted to an agreed colour.  To match traditional road side directional signs we do produce posts painted white with white arms.

Most directional finger posts are produced with square posts but round posts can provide a useful option especially if arms are pointing in multiple directions.

Wooden finger posts are supplied to a wide range of clients including Parish Councils for their open spaces, Friends and Park Groups who are looking to improve their facilities and local authorities.  We also supply wooden and timber finger posts to the National Trust, Groundwork Trusts and contractors working on park refurbishments.  

Aluminium Finger Posts.  Aluminium is frequently used in more urban settings and can be powder coated to an agreed colour.  The directional arms are normally produced in aluminium and secured to the posts with aluminium brackets – one advantage of this structure is that directions can be set on site without the need for any pre-planning.

The finger arms are produced in aluminium or GRP – the former with self-adhesive vinyl lettering and the latter in our robust encapsulated GRP process.  GRP offers a high level of durability and vandal resistance and is suitable for finger posts where vandalism may be a concern.

Recycled Plastic Finger Posts.  Recycled plastic is becoming an increasingly popular directional finger posts option and with brown and black material available can work well in both urban and rural settings.

The text is routed or indented into the finger arms and painted to agreed colours.  The arms are morticed into the square posts to produce a robust and durable option.

A recycled plastic, directional, finger post unit with 5 arms. Produced in black for both the post & arms. Text routed & painted white
Ref 358

The recycled material clearly ticks environmental boxes but is also highly durable – being the same material as is used on jetties and board walks.   It produces an attractive finger post unit and is a product we expect to produce a lot more of in the future.

routed, indented text which is usually painted with the fingers morticed into the posts. The softwood is pressure treated and posts stained or oiled to suit.

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