Finger Posts, Bollards & Waymakers

This section details directional signage suitable for wayfinding in parks, nature reserves, public open spaces and urban environments.

Most Directional Signage projects start with us providing a quote. You can contact us via email, the enquiry form or give us a call – we are always happy to chat through your requirements.
Some clients know exactly what they want and provide a detailed brief. Other clients are looking for guidance and to explore options – we are happy to work with you to define your project.

This Finger Posts link downloads a PDF with details about oak, softwood & aluminium directional finger posts.

The range of options is vast and includes finger posts, bollards and waymarker discs. The sub pages on this site provide an introduction to each style.

Finger Posts are used to direct visitors around public open spaces. They are found in parks, nature reserves, town centres, universities and airports. The number of directional arms will vary to suit the navigational challenges being presented. Finger posts can be produced in powder coated aluminium, recycled plastic, oak or treated softwood.

Waymarker Discs

Commonly 76mm diameter the standard waymarker discs are for Footpaths, Bridleways, cycle routes but we also produce individual way markers with route names, crests, logos and colours to suit. Waymarkers can be produced at any size to suit.


Directional bollards are normally produced in timber. They can be in oak, pressure treated softwood or recycled plastic.

Finger Posts

Finger posts are used for directing visitors around open spaces material options include oak, treated softwood, recycled plastic and steel posts with printed finger arms.

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