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Overview of Product

Waymarkers range from surface printed PVC discs, mass-produced, through to oak or douglas fir bollards with routed and sandblasted text. Their role is to help guide visitors around footpaths and bridleways and indirectly to ensure visitors do not stray from the waymarked trail.   Typically waymarker discs, signs and labels will be colour coordinated with the colour matching different graded walks. Waymarker discs to highlight each route are usually supported by interpretive signs and visitor information leaflets which give an overview of the route.

Technical Spec

The simplest waymarker discs are produced in PVC or high impact acrylic. The standard size is 76mm in diameter although discs to waymark routes are often produced square or at larger sizes. Most discs are surface printed and are not finished with the anti-vandal and graffiti accorded to standard interpretation boards. Foamex is another material often used although this goes brittle with age. At Shelley Signs we often recommend Glass Reinforced Plastic as a suitable material for waymarker discs – this tough and robust material does not crack and split as it ages. So often waymarker discs fail because the nail holes split and crack.

Most waymarker discs are produced in standard colours to match the Countryside Code. They are usually drilled to make fitting easy but some of the materials, especially HIPS, is very soft – it is easy to drive a nail straight through the waymarker disc.

Fixings for waymarker discs can vary. Often they are fitted to gates, posts or even trees. Often a stile is a useful base for the disc. In some environments, there are no natural fixing points available and timber posts must be used. Timber posts for waymarker discs can be supplied in oak or softwood. At the cheapest end of the range is a simple fence post but often more elaborate waymarker posts are used with routed text, engraved or carved arrows and images. The tops are weathered 4 ways to ensure water falls straight off them.

Fingerposts or finger posts are also often used to support waymarkers discs. Production techniques have evolved and waymarker discs that used to be printed in blue or yellow on white can now include text, logos or crests and the name of each route. The advent of digital printing has allowed small quantities of waymarker discs to be produced for local trails – an effective way of using waymarker discs to help promote a trail.

Case Study

Shelley Signs produce waymarker discs using a combination of their Mimaki JF1631 digital printer and several CNC routers. The use of this high technology equipment permits cost-effective discs that can be produced in both large and small quantities