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Welcome to Shelley Signs. Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a leading supplier of external signs and panels with particular expertise in Information Signs. For a chat about the options phone Robert Shelley on 01743 460996 or to request more details complete this Enquiry Form

Shelley Signs offer a full service for Interpretive Signs and information boards – please follow these links for more information about our in-house design,  submitting your own artworkFraming Optionsmaterials and general guidance.   Guidance on maps and popular styles can be found at the Maps link.

Information Sign with notice board

Shelley Signs are a leading supplier of outdoor signs and graphics and both design and produce a range of Information Signs and Panels. An Information board or sign should be hard-wearing, vandal-proof and easy to clean. Durability and colour fastness are other important features of an external Information sign – to achieve this Shellys recommends Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP as the most durable and vandal-proof material on the market.

Shelley Signs offer a full design and framing service. Shelley’s can offer graphic design from your component parts which might include your own final text, illustrations, photographs and images and perhaps a complete and final map in either an electronic format or for Shelley to scan. Our design service for Information signs includes a full research and scripting service if required. Shelley Signs hold a large library of watercolour natural history illustrations which are available for a small charge. Wildlife illustrations can also be commissioned to suit the particular requirements of your Information Sign. We regularly produce collage-style watercolour illustrations with subjects ranging from pond life, wildflower meadows to woodland scenes.

Historical and archaeological illustrations are frequently required on Information Signs. Shelley Signs have in-house illustrators who can recreate both building and human interest themes to help decorate and interpret your information panel.

Information signs may not be the same as an Interpretive panel or board.

Information signs present factual information – for example, a bird identification panel provides information on the sign but is not an interpretation board. Good interpretation moves beyond just Information because of the way information is conveyed on the panel or board.

To move beyond the Information content of a sign and into an interpretive panel depends on the method of communication – the sign must present information in a manner that is meaningful to the intended audience and in a way that puts the site or subject matter into context.

For interpretation to be effective and to be more than just information on the sign the visitor or reader must receive the message, understand what the information or interpretive sign is saying and really importantly remember the message conveyed in the information. Even better is if the information on the sign can be used in some way – that we have influenced the behaviour of the visitor in some way in either the long or the short term.

In summary, information is conveyed on any signs. What uplifts an information sign to become an interpretive or interpretation panel is in the way that information is conveyed and presented.

For more details on the difference between information signs and interpretive signs please contact Robert Shelley on 01952 541483