Waymarker Discs

Waymarker discs are a popular and low cost means of directing visitors around open spaces and influencing their behaviour.
Commonly 76mm diameter the standard waymarker discs are for Footpaths, Bridleways, cycle routes & restricted access but we produce individual way markers with route names, crests, logos and colours to suit. Waymarkers can be produced at any size to suit.
A wide range of waymarker disc examples are shown below. Please request a quote for your specific requirements.

Waymarker Discs for Public Open Spaces

Material options for Waymarker discs in public open spaces include:

  • Standard PVC. These Waymarker discs are surface printed onto 3mm thick plastic or PVC. They can be nailed to fences, posts and existing structures.  PVC is an inexpensive solution but can tend to go brittle with age.
  • Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) offers a 5mm thick, rigid solution for waymarker discs. We drill during production and this material will not go brittle.
  • GPP waymarkers can be upgraded to a really robust option by finishing with our encapsulation service. This provides the same durability as the Shelley interpretation panels and park entrance signs.

If budgets permit it is well worth trading up to the GRP option – the additional durability is worth the slightly additional expense.

Artwork for waymarker discs can be provided by yourselves or created by the Shelley design team.

Product Examples.  Please refer to the examples in the Gallery Section below.

Standard Discs.  Bridleways are produced in Yellow, Footpaths in Yellow and Restricted access discs in Plum.

419 & 426 are good examples of waymarker discs being fitted to posts & structures

420 illustrates a range of black and white waymarker discs.  Discs can be supplied in shapes to suit – not just circular

421 shows a GRP waymarker disc recessed into an oak post.  This is a high quality and highly durable option.

422 While most waymarkers are produced as circular  discs we have many clients who prefer the directional information to be routed into the post.  In this example a pressure treated softwood post.

429  This zinc etched disc provides a further option for waymarking.  For clients looking to combine waymarking with interpretation messages this may provide a good solution.

427.  Waymarker discs can often be combined with timber finger posts to provide an additional level of detail.

430.  This is a good example of the level of detail that can be included on a waymarker disc.  While not appropriate for all clients the discs are attractive.

431, 423, 424, 432, 433 & 434.  These photos illustrate a range of Waymarker discs in different colour and styles.

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