Water Level Boards

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Water Level boards are produced in Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP. This is a very well proven material for water level boards and has been proven both in practice and in laboratory tests to be tough, robust and easy to clean. Water level boards must also have a high level of abrasion resistance to resist the continual flow of water and debris past a board and GRP provides an ideal way to achieve this.

The Environment Agency are a regular customer for water level boards and they will commonly specify the D50 or D64 standard designs. The D50 water level board is 145mm wide and produced in standard 1 metre long sections. The water level board referred to as the D64 is 100mm wide. Both styles of water level or gauge board are supplied drilled and with stainless steel screws.

Incline water level boards are used to measure the depth of water when the leading face is on an angle or incline. Shelley Signs hold both 45 degree and 30 degree angles as stock items but can design water level boards to suit any angle or gauge. To price special design boards the Shelley Signs design team need to know the vertical fall and the length of the face being measured.

Water level boards are also used in tidal environments – these are referred to as the D53. The D53 water level board is 300mm wide and is also produced in Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP. Despite the British Standards that apply Shellys Signs are frequently commissioned to produce special design water level boards with variations including different widths, imperial water level boards, combined metric and imperial gauge boards and water level boards in different colours. The standard water level board is produced black on white but some customers specify colours to ensure the boards is subtle and blends into the environment while others require water level boards that are colourful and really stand out.