Water Height Boards

Shelley Signs are a leading supplier of water height gauge boards. Gauge boards are produced in exceptionally robust Glass Reinforced plastic and are suitable for reading the water height in both inland and tidal environments.

In an inland situation, the most common designs are the D50 gauge board and the D64 water height board.  The D50 is 145mm wide, the D64 is 100mm wide.  Both boards are produced at a standard 1 metre long and are butted together where a water depth of more than 1 metre is to be measured.  Red datum numerals are supplied as an optional item where the water height is greater than 1 metre and the gauge needs to reflect this.

In tidal environments, the D53 is commonly specified.  The D53 is 300mm wide and has large numerical graduations to make it easy to read the water height gauge from a distance.

In addition to standard water height gauge designs, Shelley Signs produce a range of bespoke design boards which include a range of colours, different widths and incline boards to measure water depth at an angle.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is a very well proven material for the production of water height gauges.  Gauge boards are constructed in a very similar manner to a GRP sailing boat and the water height graduations are resin encapsulated into the GRP.  No other material can match this process for long term durability and colour fastness.

Please contact Robert Shelley on 01743 460996 for more information about water height gauges and gauge boards.