Vandal Proof Signs

Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a leading supplier of external signs and panels with particular expertise in Vandal Proof Signs. Please explore the website – the Showcase Section has a large library of photographs illustrating signs, panels, framing structures and graphics. For a chat about the options phone Robert Shelley on 01743 460996.

Vandal-proof signs are suitable for use in parks and as interpretation boards.

Overview of Product

Shelley Signs are a leading supplier of outdoor-grade signs for parks, nature reserves and open spaces. The unmanned and unstaffed nature of most of the sites we supply means that our signs and panels must offer a very high level of resistance to vandals and vandalism.

Technical Spec

Although Shelley Signs work in a wide range of materials including GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic, Dibond, Polycarbonate, High Impact Acrylic and various plastics experience strongly suggests that the most vandal-proof material is GRP.

At Shelly Signs we print directly to the surface of the Glass Reinforced Plastic with the high level of vandal-proof features resulting from the post-process treatments we apply. Vandal-proof GRP signs can be easily cleaned and graffiti can be cleaned off with any suitable cleaner – this cannot happen with Polycarbonate and Acrylic signs which tend to go cloud over as they age. Impact resistance is an important feature of all vandal proof signs – those in isolated areas are often the target for stone-throwing. GRP signs offer a high level of impact resistance and if the surface does get damaged the nature of our printing process ensures that water ingress is not a problem. Impact resistance and lack of water ingress are really important features of vandal-proof or resistant signs.

Colour fastness and lack of inks fading is another feature of vandal resistant and vandal-proof sign structures. Shelley Signs use a unique printing process but care should be taken with GRP signs as not all suppliers match our high-quality standards. Shelley Signs offer a 5-year warranty against fading with the expectation that these vandal-proof GRP signs will last far longer. When signs have faded and are showing clear signs of wear and tear the danger of vandals attacking them is far greater – high-quality signs with excellent colour fastness, therefore, meet the demands of vandal-proof signs far better.

Frame structures are also an important part of specifying vandal proof signs. At Shelley Signs we tend to recommend steel legs – either mild steel, galvanised or stainless steel rather than aluminium. Aluminium posts and legs are too soft and easy to cut – there is little point in providing a vandal-proof printed sign if the frame doesn’t match those standards. Timber can be appropriate for framing vandal proof signs although we tend to recommend Oak rather than softwood frames to meet these requirements.

Case Study

When specifying vandal proof signs and signage it is important to remember that both the printed graphic and the framing structure must meet the highest standards. Shelley Signs normally recommend Glass Reinforced Plastic with steel frames as offering the best all-round solution to problems of vandals attacking signs and leaving them vandalised.