Tourism Signs

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Shelley Signs offer a full service for Interpretive Signs – please follow these links for more information about our in-house design,  submitting your own artworkFraming Optionsmaterials and general guidance about Tourism & Interpretation Signs.   Guidance on maps and popular styles can be found at the Maps link. 

Many cities, towns and villages rely on tourism as an integral part of their economic survival. Tourism is such a competitive market that these places are always striving to find new ways to not only attract new tourists but retain the ones already visiting. Local areas and businesses rely on attractive signs to provide tourists with all the information that is required for them to visit local places of interest that they believe the visitor would not only enjoy but ensure the visitor’s return. 

Through our many years as a successful sign company, Shelley Signs understands the importance of combining an attractive sign with a welcoming design for all our Tourist Information Signs. Most Tourist Information Sign fixing arrangements are made from either steel, stainless steel or Oak with the main body of the sign being a high level of colour fastness and durability that is associated with the high quality of all of our interpretation panels or signs. 

Graphic design is the key to a welcoming and attractive Tourist Information Sign, our trained and experienced design team combines all their skills to ensure the correct design meets all the objectives an interpretive sign requires. For historical and archaeological signs our design team recommends using attractive photographs or watercolour illustrations with only 150 words of text per panel, making the sign inviting to visitors whilst being sympathetic to its surroundings. 

At Shelley signs we understand that it is vital that all Tourist Information Signs, Welcome panels and interpretive displays can not only withstand the forces of nature but human forces of vandalism too. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) signs can provide an attractive and welcoming sign with the durability to meet both these conditions. With the techniques that we use our signs not only provide our clients with excellent colour fastness but a high-quality sign, that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Our vast experience in Tourist Information Signs allows us to help clients select the best and safest location for each sign we produce, a tourist sign not only needs to be easily accessible but it must not block passageways and in the case of car parks must not block the view of the driver, ensuring the car park is a safe place for drivers and pedestrians. 

Shelley signs were commissioned to a project to replace a number of interpretive panels throughout Bridgnorth in the town centre and its car parks. Whilst carrying out the project we found that the existing interpretive signs contained an enormous amount of information which can confuse many visitors and also deter them from approaching the sign, the colours in the signs had also faded over time and looked very tired. 

These types of signs are in place to encourage visitors to explore the local area and point out places of interest, when a sign looks too confusing or worn a visitor is not excited by what they see, and it will possibly make them wonder if the local council are even bothered about tourism as they are not maintaining vital information that is relevant to a visitor.

All our signs are colourfast and inviting, this will help encourage visitors to explore the local area and in many cases return again.