Tactile Signs

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What are tactile signs? There are several different types of tactile signs, ranging from those produced for physically disabled people in wheelchairs and people who are blind or have restricted vision. 

When choosing what type of sign you need, you really need to consider what type of market the sign will be used by. If you own a nature reserve for instance in those areas of the park that are accessible for wheelchair users, you will need tactile signs that are positioned lower enabling the visitor to be able to read the sign at eye level without struggling. Those areas that are not accessible via a wheelchair will not necessarily need the same type of low-level signs. 

While providing signs for wheelchair users is common practice throughout a variety of businesses that require signs many forget the need for signs for people with a disability relating to their sight–blind or partially blind visitors. Shelley Signs has extensive experience in producing both types of tactile signs and understand all factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

Since The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) was introduced in 1995 it has become apparent that unfortunately, a large number of organisations do not have the necessary tactile signs and panels to meet the requirements outlaid in the DDA. These organisations have an obligation to improve their facilities in order to ensure that any person with a disability is not discriminated against, no matter whether the person’s disability is one relating to their mobility or vision. 

If you are unsure of what type of tactile sign you believe your organisation requires our experienced members of staff will gladly help you with your decisions to ensure that your premises meet the requirements of the DDA. 

Our highly skilled and trained design and production teams specialise in the manufacturing of outdoor tactile signs/panels, these are also commonly known as sandblasted panels which are manufactured out of sandblasted wood or timber. We do not outsource any of our work, all our tactile signs are made in-house, this enables us to ensure that our high quality and standards are delivered in every sign that we produce. 

Throughout our many years as a reputable sign company, we have forged strong working relationships with our trusted suppliers. One of the timbers we use for our tactile sandblasted signs is a cedar wood from Stokesay Estate which is located on the Shropshire and Hereford Border. At Stokesay Estate the cedar is felled as part of a managed program. The rest of our timber including Oak and Douglas Fir is provided by trustworthy Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) suppliers with the relevant Certificates of Conformity, a copy of which we will be more than glad to provide all our clients with upon request.