Tactile Sandblasted Signs

Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a leading supplier of external signs and panels with a particular expertise in Tactile sandblasted Timber signs. For a chat about the options phone Robert Shelley on 01743 460996 or to request more details complete this Enquiry Form

Sandblasted Cedar, Tactile signs, outdoor DDA compliant signs

Overview of Product

Shelley Signs are one of the only companies in the UK who design and produce tactile sandblasted timber signs and panels. While not suitable for all locations these sandblasted signs offer the chance to produce highly individual and distinctive outdoor signs. Sandblasted wood signs can be supplied as free-standing units or can be used to frame full colour printed interpretive signs and panels. Tactile sandblasted wood and timber signs with printed panels offer a really exciting option for the right site.

Technical Spec

Shelley Signs have developed skills to produce highly detailed and complex maps and interpretive panels using sandblasted timber – we work mainly in UK sourced Cedar which as a wood provides great versatility for the sandblasting process.

Because of the very specialist nature of producing sandblasted timber and wooden signs we encourge clients to use the Shelley Signs inhouse design team. The Shelly design team has a large library of natural history illustrations designed for use with the sandblast timber process. We have extensive experience in designing maps and cartography for the sandblast wood process and fully understand the required line thickness and weight to allow the sandblast bay to operate.

As a rule we paint text and details within a map to highlight them but leave all illustrations unpainted, as silhouettes. We are a strong believer in allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show and never want to paint or colour the general sandblast wood background of the sign.

Sandblasted timber signs are a very effective way of meeting DDA, D.D.A. or Disability Discrimination Act requirements in a park or public space. If this is one of the objectives of a sandblasted wood sign then care must be taken with high tonal contrast in the use of colours to allow the colour blind to understand the sign.  Fixing structures are also important for sandblasted tactile wood signs and a four leg lectern frame is ideal. This complies with BT Access for All Guidelines and allows wheelchairs easy access to the panel. 

Case Study

Scaling Dam in Yorkshire have installed a series of tactile sandblasted timber interpretive panels. The project included a tactile map of the reservoir located at the head of the Dam and a series of individual natural history panels with topics ranging from Adders to Butterflies and Birds to be seen. These interpretation panels included both sandblasted timber frames with tactile illsutrations of the species – they housed full colour printed panels which provided a more detailed level of interpretation.