Natural England Signs

Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a leading supplier of external signs and panels with a particular expertise in Natural England Signs. Please explore the website – the Showcase Section has a large library of photographs illustrating signs, panels, framing structures and graphics. For a chat about the options phone Robert Shelley on 01743 460996.

Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a supplier of self adhesive vinyl interpretive signs and site welcome signs to Natural England and their forerunner English Nature.

Natural England have a slightly unusual approach to their outdoor and external interpretation signs and site signs. Their Welcome to signage tends to be printed onto self adhesive vinyl and is printed in batches of 4 or 5 off. The approach for this interpretation is that it will be replaced if vandalised. The experience of Shelley Signs suggests that replacing self adhesive vinyl interpretation on site can be difficult. The difficulty of replacing entrance signs for sites and interpretation outdoors is that all marks and blemishes on the new sign shows through. Removing the existing self adhesive vinyl interpretation sign, even if produced by Shelly signs can be a real challenge. The problem is best described as applying new wall paper on the top of an old wall that has not been cleaned or prepared.

Most Shelley Signs customers take advantage of the very robust and durable outdoor signs produced and encapsulated into glass reinforced plastic. These park and interpretation panels offer fantastic colour fastness, an unrivalled ease of cleaning – even graffiti can be easily removed, and offer excellent impact resistance. These benefits make the Shelley GRP or G.R.P. signs a real long term solution to outdoor graphics.

In addition to self adhesive vinyl signs for customers such as Natural England and full colour encapsulated interpretation signs for local authorities, the National Trust, Environment Agency and other organisations across the country shely signs also offer a full graphic design and framing service. The Shelley Signs graphic design service offers a highly experienced design team with a focus on the needs and demands of both urban and rural interpretation. We have a clear philosophy that interpretation design should be clear, with clear text and should be strongly illustrative based. This approach complies with the design approach recommended by John Vevaka.

Framing for self adhesive vinyl and grp or g.r.p interpretation and park entrance signs is vitally important. Lectern frames are the most common and appropriate structure – they are designed to comply with BT Access for All Guidelines in terms of height above ground and angle of display. Materials for self adhesive vinyl sign frames can be produced in oak, pressure treated softwood, mild steel galvanised or stainless steel.