Interpretive Board

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Also known as Interpretive sign, panel,

Overview of Product

Interpretive boards are a simple and very effective way of communicating with visitors to a site. The boards or signs need to have a clear interpretive message and it is important that high-quality interpretive messages do not become muddled with byelaw information. The important rule of thumb in designing an interpretive board is to ensure it does not become categorised as ‘Not another boring interpretive panel’

Technical Spec

Interpretive boards are a very simple way of conveying messages to visitors – if they are carefully planned, scripted and designed will require little management time after installation. A well designed interpretive sign, mounted in an attractive structure will be viewed as a positive addition to the visitor experience at a site – but a poorly designed board may be highly detrimental.
Techniques to achieve a successful outcome are not difficult to achieve if some fundamental interpretive board guidelines are followed. 
1.   Be very clear about the themes to be set and the content to be covered in the signs.
2. Interpretive text must be well written, clear and easy to follow. This is even more important on an interpretive board than on a leaflet. A board will attract the attention span of a visitor for a minute or less while an interpretive leaflet can be taken home and read at lesiure. The complexity of the text and the need for a simple interpretive message must reflect the short attention span on a board.
3. High-quality illustrations are also important. An effective panel, sign or board can convey the key interpretive message from the illustration alone, allowing the text to delve into a little more detail.
4. Framing structures are critical to the appearance in the field. I am often astonished at how many times clients plan to ‘worry about the framing later’ . The frame of an interpretive board is the first thing that visitors will see from a distance.
5. A high quality and durable print for an interpretive board or sign is important. Consideration must be given to colour fastness, the guarantees offered, how easy both graffiti and grime can be cleaned off the sign.
If all these rules are followed the outcome will be a well used and read interpretive sign that becomes an important tool in communicating and attracting visitors to your site.

Case Study

Several years ago we produced an interpretive board for a local client in Market Drayton. Sadly two groups were trying to influence the content of the sign. One group wanted the interpretive sign to concentrate on current visitor information and the other group wanted the board to focus on an interpretation of the town’s history. Although both topics were worthy content the interpretive board did not work by addressing both goals – sadly it was a missed opportunity to produce some really interesting local interpretation on a board or panel.

Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a leading supplier of external signs and panels with particular expertise in Interpretive Boards. Please explore the website – the Showcase Section has a large library of photographs illustrating signs, panels, framing structures and graphics. For a chat about the options phone Robert Shelley on 01952 541483.