Dog Control Signs


Dog control sign in play area

Dog Fouling and Dog Control signs are a key tool in helping Dog Wardens enforce local authority bylaws or bye-laws. Ensuring responsible dog ownership is important in both urban and rural communities and frequently residents need reminding of their responsibilities – Dog Control signs provide a low cost and ongoing method of providing this reminder for behaviour including Dog Fouling and Dogs on leads.

Dog Control Signs Technical

Dog signs for no fouling and on leads can be produced in a variety of sizes and materials to suit the location and environment. Messages commonly communicated on these signs include No Dog or Dogs, No Fouling or No Dog Fouling, Clean up after you dog or dogs and Dogs on Leads signs. Individual Dog control signs can include one or several of these control messages on any one plaque.

In addition to text most dog control, dogs on leads and no fouling signs also use the standard Home Office symbols or logos to graphically represent each of the dog control messages. We have also produced signs looking to enforce the behaviour of dog owners using an informal cartoon style of graphic – this can be a fun way to convey on lead and no fouling information on signs.

Several material options are available for dog control signs, no fouling signs and dogs on leads signs. Aluminium is a commonly used option but has two significant drawbacks – it can be easily bent and because it has a scrap value can be the target for thieves.

The preferred material choices for Shelley Signs include :
Self Adhesive Vinyl. Vinyl Dog Control, no fouling and dogs on leads signs are inexpensive to produce and can be easily replaced on site if they are defaced or vandalised. Vinyl decals and dog control stickers do need a rigid base to be applied to but fence posts, and gate posts can remove the need for extra street furniture.

Dog signs printed onto 3mm thick Dibond is a step up the quality ladder. This rigid material can be drilled allowing the dog signs, no fouling signs and dogs on leads signs to be drilled to walls or posts or supplied with slots for fitting to posts with aluminium banding. Dibond is a rigid and robust material that does not have a significant scrap value. Shelley Signs can provide a tough protective covering to Dibond dog signs allowing them to be easily cleaned and protected.

Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP, G.R,P. is an ideal material for producing dog control signs that when complete with our full-encapsulation service provides a very robust finish. Dog Control signs, dogs on lead signs and no fouling signs produced in GRP are very hard-wearing, graffiti, and environmental dirt can be easily cleaned off. Colour fastness is guaranteed for 5 years and the very tough hard-wearing surface can be drilled or supplied with slots for fitting with banding. Although the most expensive of all the options GRP is the flagship solution when long term signs are needed.

Case Study

Shelley Signs produced 10,000 Dog Control signs for Shropshire Council. To meet a variety of locations and environments they are being produced as a mix of self-adhesive vinyl stickers and fully encapsulated GRP dogs on lead signs. An advantage of using Shelleys for the production of dog signs is that everything is printed and produced in house by Shelley Signs – they do not subcontract any of the printing or manufacturing processes.

Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a leading supplier of external signs and panels with particular expertise in Dog control signs. Please explore the website – the Showcase Section has a large library of photographs illustrating signs, panels, framing structures and graphics. For a chat about the options phone Robert Shelley on 01743 460996