Carved Timber Signs

Welcome to Shelley Signs. We are a leading supplier of external signs and panels with particular expertise in Carved timber Signs.  For a chat about the options phone Robert Shelley on 01743 460996 or to request more details complete this Enquiry Form

Also known as wooden signs, routed timber, engraved signs

Overview of Product

Close up of a tactile, sandblasted cedar sign illustrating the tactile nature of text and illustrations and the grain effect of timber sandblasting

Carved signs are most commonly produced in a variety of hardwood and softwood and include Oak, Cedar, Douglas Fir and Larch as the most common materials. All timber for Carved signs used by Shelley Signs comes from sustainable sources and is sourced locally when possible. Although Shelly Sings are not affiliated with the Soil Association to complete the FSC chain of custody much of the timber for carved signs is from FSC suppliers.

Technical Spec

Carved signs in wood or timber can be used in many applications. Shelley Signs produce carved signs in house and do not subcontract any of the work. Carved signs are appropriate for use as church signs, house signs, entrances to nature reserves, also carved signs for RSPB sites and for Wildlife Trust sites and SSSIs.

Shelley Signs use an interesting combination of sandblasting, modern CNC routers and traditional handcrafting techniques to produce carved signs. Because of the ability of Shelly Sings to source timber and the range of techniques we employ carved signs can be produced in almost any size. There are a number of finishes available for carved signs – text and images can be recessed or routed in the surface of the carved signs. Alternatively, combining several of our production processes for carved signs allows us to produce raised, tactile text, ie the carved text stands proud of the background surface. Depending on whether this sign finish is hand carved or sandblasted determines whether a formal finish or a rustic sandblasted finish is provided. This level of versatility makes Shelley Signs unique in the field of carved wooden and timber signs.

Carved signs are very popular as separate header panel for display cases and notice boards. These units are hinged, lockable, glazed with shatterproof polycarbonate and allow clients to display their own information. When produced in Oak or softwood their appearance is enhanced with a carved header panel.

Nature reserves and country parks in rural areas often use carved signs for both direction signs, entrance signs and bylaws or by-laws with the park.

Case Study

Shelley Signs supplied Severn Trent Water with a range of carved signs for Linacre Reservoir. There was some concern as to whether this was the most appropriate material due to concerns about the vandalism of the carved wooden signs. However, carved timber signs and panels often seem to present far less of a challenge to prospective vandals than signs produced in steel. These carved signs at Linacre Reservoir have been in several years and have hardly been affected by the weather.