Material Options

Shelley Signs are best known for production of exceptionally robust outdoor signs and graphics using Encapsulated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). While GRP remains the recommended ‘Prestige’ option Shelley Signs also offer a ‘Standard’ option of over-laminated Dibond.

This article outlines the considerations in your material choice.

Prestige Option: Encapsulated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

GRP has proven over many years to offer an exceptionally robust solution for outdoor graphics.

  • It is an easy to clean material and is recommended on sites where vandalism may be a concern.
  • Colour fastness is excellent – we have signs, still in service, produced on an earlier printer with colours showing no fading after 10 years.
  • Both graffiti & environmental grime can be cleaned off very easily.
  • The tough finish provides good protection against scratching & impact damage.
  • A range of innovative fixing options can be supplied due the ease of shaping and bonding GRP.  

GRP is the material of choice if vandalism is a concern and where signs are expected to last many years.

Standard Option: Dibond Over Laminated

If budgets are tight or vandalism is not too great a concern it will be worth considering Dibond.

  • Printed on the same printer and to the same high resolution quality as GRP the Standard Dibond option is supplied with a protective film.
  • While not quite as robust as GRP, Dibond is still an excellent product with the benefit of a significant cost saving against GRP.
  • However, if targeted by vandals Dibond can be damaged more easily than GRP as the surface is softer, easier to mark & scratch.
  • If undamaged Dibond signs should provide at least 5 years service – but this is less than we would expect from GRP. However, many clients are of the view that graphics and signs should be refreshed and modernised after about 5 years.

Dibond may be the material of choice for managed sites but we have successfully supplied it for Interpretation & Play Area signs

General Considerations

Both material options are printed in-house on our Mimaki JFX-1631 flat bed printer. This printer offers many advantages including

  • Excellent colour fastness with a 5 year warranty against fading
  • Inks cured using UV – with no solvents involved in the print process there are zero VOC emissions
  • By printing direct to the sign material the need for paper and vinyl is eliminated. This minimised both waste and also many of the problems associated with outdoor graphics.
  • Colour proofs are supplied at no additional charge – you can order knowing that you are in control and will sign off a proof before the final print.

Framing Options. A wide range of framing options are available for both materials. Please refer to this link for more framing details 

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