Distinctive Wooden Signs

Many of our clients want to create signs and graphics that offer great interpretation but also have an individual feel to them. High quality design and a clearly thought out message are key but the mounting structure can play an important part.

While our standard fixing structures offer a high quality finish the use of sandblasted and routed timber can provide that elusive edge! We have been working with decorated timber signs for 20 years and can supply graphics ranging from tactile, DDA compliant maps through to simple plaques and routed signs.  

Often combining full colour printed graphics with sandblasted and routed images can create a feature sign that gets noticed.

Timber signs tend to be highly individual and we are always happy to chat to prospective clients about their sites, plans and objectives to help establish whether timber graphics might work.

We tend to work with Cedar to produce highly detailed graphics as it sandblasts well, with an attractive grain, and also offers a good level of durability. Douglas Fir is appropriate for bigger, chunkier style graphics as it has a very enhanced grain effect when sandblasted.

Shelley Signs can create artwork and design for all sandblasted and timber signs. Sandblasted graphics work well for interpretation as the production techniques force good interpretation techniques to be followed.

There are a range of timber sign and graphic illustrations below – please do call Rob Shelley on 01743 460996 to discuss.

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