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Pavement Signs & A Frames

Pavement Signs

A frames, hanging signs and pavement signs provide an effective means to promote a business or activity from the pavement or area nearby.  Pavement signs come in many shapes, sizes and cost and while the notes below provide a summary you may prefer to call and discuss options.

A Frames can be produced in oak, softwood or aluminium.  Standing on 4 small feet they can be prone to A Frame in oakbeing blown over in strong winds.  A variety of sizes are available while graphics on A Frames can either be permanent or supplied as temporary, short term prints fitted into clip frames.


Hanging pavement sign in aluminiumHanging Signs are supplied with solid PVC bases that are far less prone to being blown over or pushed over.  The larger options have the facility to fill the base with water which makes them exceptionally sturdy.  Prices will depend on size but as a guide





Pavement sign in heavy duty PVCExamples of A Frames