Richard Shelley watching our Mimaki flat bed wide format printer produce A1 size signSteel lectern frames at Shelley Signs, galvanised and powder coated. Client SustransTimber sandblasting and wood CNC routing with Cedar at Shelley SignsInterpretation board or interpretive panel with visitors in CheshireSigns for parks and public open spacesLockable notice boards in timber, wood, oak and aluminium, glazed with polycarbonateDirectional finger posts produced in oak, timber, soft wood, GRP and steelGauge boards for measuring water depthsSigns and displays for museums and internal areasSandblasted timber signs with tactile graphicsRouted timber, oak, soft wood signs with painted and indented graphicsmap design, cartography for interpretation panels and displaysHistorical water colour illustrations for interpretive panels, signs and boardsWildlife design & illustration for interpretive signs, boards and displaysPlant, tree and grasses and wildlife illustration for educational and interpretation boards

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Shelley Signs clients
Client Profile
Sandblasted timber Cedar sign
Wooden Signs - Intro
Timber, wood and aluminium notice boards, lockable
Notice Boards
D50 inland gauge board in GRP
Gauge Boards
safety signs, commercial signs, banners in Shrewsbury Shropshire
Commercial Signs
Finger posts in wood and printed GRP
Finger Posts, Bollards,
Internal printed displays and graphics for nuseums and visitor attractions
Museum & Internal
Church Welcome and entrance sign
Church Signs
School Signs
School Signs

‘SIGNS’ – it’s a simple word, but it understates the range of what we do, as anyone who has visited our factory knows.  Yes, we can do you a simple sign, but the heart of our business is beautiful, high quality digital printing, and an extensive range of robust finishing options – right up to our robust GRP encapsulation.  Not to mention our wider experience in: graphic design, framing, tactile routed or sandblasted timber signs, and sign installation.

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